Bug Out BagPlanning and Retrieving Your Caches

Planning and Retrieving Your Caches

Planning and retrieving your caches in order to have a pre-staged resupply point. If a disaster or other type of shtf scenario were to happen right now and you had to leave where you are where would you go? What if you couldn’t go there? Weather you would go home, to a friends or relatives, what if you couldn’t. Do you have somewhere planned? Across town or even out of town?

If so do you have caches anywhere to help you get there. Water, food,warm clothing, a way to make a fire? These are all things you should think about and try to plan for just in case. Gray Wolf Survival has written a great article to help you think of these things and to show you how to map your caches and retrieve them if needed. Don’t wait till that moment because it will be too late to think of preparing a cache then.


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