Off GridPlastic 55 Gallon Barrel SOLAR Water Heater Project

Plastic 55 Gallon Barrel SOLAR Water Heater Project

This plastic 55 gallon barrel solar water heater project was created to show you how simple it is to make a fully sustainable hot water heater.

Plastic 55 Gallon Barrel SOLAR Water Heater Project

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Nature is a pretty powerful force and harnessing just a small part of it can be extremely easy to do. For those who already live off-grid know exactly what I am saying, however for those who aren’t this article will share just a small sample of the power of the sun and how anyone can take advantage of the sun.


double wall polycarbonate sheet

1 ½ PVC pipe

2 end caps

2 reducer caps

5’ of ¾ PVC pipe

2 barrel bungs for ¾ poly pipe\PVC solvent

4 1” pipe clamps

Silicon bath sealer

Flat black spray paint

55 gal plastic barrel

All of stuff you will need to get started can easily be obtained from most any local supply or hardware store. The information is presented in a way that makes it extremely easy for most anyone to be able to follow it. It really does not take a whole lot of of DIY skills and can be done in an afternoon.

Benefits of reading and following the Passive Solar Water Heater DIY Project

● Create your own simple hot water heater that needs no electricity

● The project includes a complete list of all the needed materials, supplies and tools

● It also includes an easy to download plan and a step by step instruction guide

● You will also find several pictures that are designed to provide a good visual of some of the steps

Click here to read about how to make a plastic 55 gallon barrel solar water heater project:

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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