SewingRefashion Old Clothing into a Fabulous New Outfit

Refashion Old Clothing into a Fabulous New Outfit

Refashion old clothing into a fabulous new outfit is a great frugal way to expand your wardrobe. Pick up your spirits along with your scissors and follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial and make yourself the designer dress that you deserve.

Refashion Old Clothing into a Fabulous New Outfit

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Everyone wants to look attractive. Everyone wants to wear the clothes that represent the latest fashion. Everyone wants to wear expensive designer clothes. But it is not everyone that actually wears them. The reason is that such pretty looking designer clothes are ridiculously over priced for an ordinary person to buy them and not starve for the rest of the month.

Luckily I can make that possible for you. I will be telling you how to refashion upcycled Henley with sweater sleeves and bonus skirt. Winter is on its way and it is time to refashion some warm and cozy clothes which I will teach you how to do.

In this 9 step guide, I will teach you how to refashion your clothes nicely. I will tell you about everything that you will need i.e. scissors, needles, etc. Every step is accompanied by one or more pictures in this tutorial so that the readers can understand the context more clearly; hence, there is no room for confusion.

I have spared no detail and tried to make it as easy as it was possible. For this tutorial, I bought a henley for $1.99 and the brown sweater for $3.99. So this whole project is quite cheap compared to the brand-like product that we get. Thrift stores are awesome.

So, get up and get ready. Look through your closet or from the nearest thrift shop, find a Henley shirt and a sweater, like I did, and start making yourself the kind of outfit that you wanted to buy but could not because it was too expensive for you. After making this you can easily brag about your dress and feel confident in social events.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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