CleanersSave Your Hats With This Washing Method

Save Your Hats With This Washing Method

              If you wear a lot of hats or hubby does then you know how dirty they can get. My hub works in construction and grandson works in a kitchen so their caps are always gross. Super grimy and sweat salt lines on them.  Well I saw this method of washing them and tried it and it works really well. I can wash a cap that has done kitchen duty for a week and looks like it should go hide in shame and it comes out looking like a new hat. The Mamas Girls show you how to wash the hats in a plastic container instead of the dish washer or clothes washer and this more gentle method of washing the hats not only gets them clean it helps them keep their shape since they are not going through the spin cycle.

         You should put the wet hat into a hat mold to dry so it doesn’t shrink because they will shrink and be uncomfortable in they do. What a great way to save money by not having to replace your hats all the time. It is also fantastic for all those beloved team caps that you just don’t want to let go of. Try this and wear them with pride again.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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