DIY ProjectsScreened Sleeping Porch Ideas

Screened Sleeping Porch Ideas

Check out these screened sleeping porch ideas and maybe you will decide to have one next summer. This is a round-up of five different screened sleeping  areas. There in one that is an actual sleeping cabin which is neat. I really like these beds suspended from chains on the porch too. This would be a great addition to a camping cabin where you spend time in the summer. It is a great place to put a gang of kids to bed. They can talk all night under the stars but usually they are tired from play and the fresh night air sends them straight to sleep.

Screened Sleeping Porch Ideas

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Sleeping outside is nice if you can be screened in to keep all the bugs away. It is nice to hear the crickets and feel any stray breeze. Like communing with nature instead of the air conditioner. Back in the day when there was no air conditioning a lot of folks made up sleeping porches for the summers to help them sleep in the heat. It is nice to come awake listening to the birds all waking and singing up the sun. This round-up of sleeping porches is from Remodelista. See if any of them inspire you to want a sleeping porch.


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