Food DehydratingSolar Heated Large Scale Food Dehydrator DIY Project

Solar Heated Large Scale Food Dehydrator DIY Project

This simple tutorial of how to make a solar heated large scale food dehydrator diy project is detailed in this step by step method.

Solar Heated Large Scale Food Dehydrator DIY Project

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This process is not very simple but by the project is accomplishable with the right tools and knowledge.

The dryer was designed to provide effective and cheap dehydration. To do this the air must circulate freely through all the screens installed and the dehydrator must at the same time not.. contaminate whatever is being dried in the box.

The materials required are easily sourced, most of it found in local recycling outlets, they include plywood, spruce, glass glazing, aluminium frames, PVC pipe, waterproof glue, screws, spruce and so on.

The assembly begins with drilling holes in the box. In front holes are drilled 1” from the top and 3”apart along the edges. The back door utilizes a piano hinge for ease of movement of the screens.

The PVC pipe goes into a 4” hole drilled at the base of one end of the box. The pipe carries the fan that is to do the job of air circulation through a screen with restricted opening – achieved with a hot glue gun.

The usage is the fun part. The food to be dried is placed on the screen inside and the box is positioned so the glazing faces the sun. The fan is plugged in to begin air flow. Precautions should be taken while using the dehydrator to avoid damages from food sticking to the screens. Cooking spray is best for this.

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