DIY ProjectsSparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project

Sparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project

Sparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project – Homesteading – Homemade Furniture

This Sparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project and plan designed to provide the reader an interesting method for creating a table for the home. It embraces the natural elements of wood and water in a flowing motion encased in beautiful handmade table.

Sparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project

Homemade furniture is a big part of what DIYer focus much of their attention and this is because new furniture generally cost a small fortune. Another reason is that there are so many different ways that you can use wood to build pieces of furniture. The creator of the project came up with a unique was to use both live edge wood material and an epoxy resin material.

Materials used in the project:

GlassCast 50 clear epoxy resin

Wood – English Yew – with a waney edge

Translucent Tinting Pigments – we used blue

Tape – flash/release and double-sided

Polypropylene Sheet

Polishing Compound and Oil (or similar)

Tools – various


Spreader & Mixing sticks

Mixing Cups & Mixing Buckets

Epoxy Adhesive

Safety Equipment

Hot-Melt Glue-Gun

Digital Scales

This Do It Yourself project and downloadable plan can be printed out so that you can easily carry out to your workshop if you don’t have access to the internet in your shop. The plan is extremely detailed and presented in a way that makes sit very easy for most people with a little bit of DIY skills to be able to make one of this unique and beautiful looking table.

* ~ * ~ * Benefits of reading the DIY Projects: How to use Epoxy Resin to make a unique handmade table

* ~ Discover a unique way to combine a wood and epoxy resin to create an incredible looking table from scratch

* ~ The project includes a complete listing of all the necessary materials, supplies, and tools that are needed

* ~ The project also includes an easily downloadable plan with an easy to follow step by step instructional guide that covers from start to finish

* ~ The project includes numerous full-color pictures and a brief video that help to provide a really good visual reference

Click here to read about how to build a Sparkling Epoxy Resin Wood Table DIY Project:

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Melissa Francis
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