Household TipsSTOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck while Homesteading

STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck while Homesteading

STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck while Homesteading can be helped by coming up with a game plan and some money saving tips.

Living a paycheck to paycheck life is so prevalent among many nowadays, and this way of life can compare to surviving rather than living.

STOP Living Paycheck to Paycheck while Homesteading

1. Repair or Refashion clothing instead of tossing it or donating it.

2. Drinking more water in a refillable bottle means spending less money on beverages like soda, juice, and tea.

3. Ascertain if really you are getting sufficient income even after deducting your debt and some crucial bill.

4. Identify unscrupulous spending and stop it.

5. Be sincere with yourself about how you can reduce your expenses and maintain certain budget a to avoid paycheck to paycheck, and stick to your budget.

6. Settle your debt, although might sound like a herculean task, is a good way to stop paycheck to paycheck, when settling your debt you may decide to offset certain belongings.

7. Create a defence in your bank account, building a defence help to create a certain barrier to the rate of spending and may help to reduce panic.

8. Create an avenue for emergency savings, having settled all debt it is worthwhile to save money being used to settle debt rather than spending, it helps to build a buffer for your account.

9. Be prudent in investment.

10. Children should be taught on how to manage funds and be accountable.

11. One big way to save money is to drastically cut down on the amount of money spent on cable television. Ditch cable tv and buy a Roku system (one time fee of 99$) then you can subscribe to Netflix for 7.99 a month and Hula for 11.99 …. that is less than 20 dollars a month and more tv than you can totally watch. Did you know you can even watch British, Australian and Spanish shows as well ?

12. Stop collecting to much stuff (clothes, material possessions) and start selling your extras

13. Avoiding instant gratification buying something and by waiting 30 days to decide on a purchase is an excellent way to implement that rule.

14. Going out to eat or “out on the town” has a way of completely destroying both your food budget and your entertainment budget. Invite your friends over and cook together.

15. Sum up your debts and ensure proper spending, prioritise and monitor your debt and your income.

16. Evaluate and ascertain how and where you spend your income, carry out a summary of your expenditures to be able to determine where and how you spend your extra income.

17. Avoid convenience foods and fast food.
Instead of eating fast food or just nuking some prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements that you can take with you.

18. Turning off lights when you walk out of a room or when you have plenty of natural sunlight. This can keep your electric bill down over time.

19. Yard sales are a great place to score awesome deals on items you need. Keep a small notebook in your purse with all your family members clothing sizes and color preferences. Keep a list of what you need. Buy used and clean everything really well.

Give the gift of labor instead of buying gifts for people. You can find chores to help your friends and family members lives become easier. Love and caring is what really counts…. your time is a gift.

Try generic brands of food items you buy regularly.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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