DIY ProjectsStrong and Sturdy Plumbing Pipe Shelves DIY Project

Strong and Sturdy Plumbing Pipe Shelves DIY Project

This strong and sturdy plumbing pipe shelves diy project is detailed in a step by step tutorial.

Strong and Sturdy Plumbing Pipe Shelves DIY Project

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Industrial designs will always be a part of the human experience. Living with exposed infrastructure is sometimes a necessary but more often, it’s a design technique that can lend a feeling of living in an urban loft. It’s a unique style and can be done easily keeping in mind a few pointers.

The look is meant to simulate an unfinished appearance. Exposed pipes do this well. It should also be minimalist which can be accomplished with purpose driven elements. Shelving supported by plumbing pipes is a perfect match of these two requirements.

Set the shelving against a contrasting colored wall or in a room with exposed wood floors and the entire place will take on the feel of an urban loft. Unfinished rooms or shelves are the perfect place to begin an industrial design project.

You need multiple drill bit sizes to insert the pipes snugly and drywall screws to hold it securely. The pipes can be mixed and matched or if you have a set lying around, paint them in contrasting colors or use readily available metallic spray paint.

Pipes can be heavy so make supports that are appropriately sturdy. Simple wood shelving is perfect for this style and there’s no need to add doors or drawers. This might also add to the weight of the design so if you are considering partitions, take that into account with support structures.

The pipes themselves can add an artistic element if you select those with fittings or stampings. The entire project takes the same effort that any DIY shelving project might. Try your hand at designing an urban loft look. It might just change your idea of that unfinished room.

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