Symptoms And Prevention Of Giardia Infection

Symptoms And Prevention Of Giardia Infection
Symptoms And Prevention Of Giardia Infection

I think most of us know that drinking water from streams, creeks or rivers when we are out in the wilderness is not a smart thing to do. The water can be infected with giardia and should be boiled to kill off any giardia before drinking or using it for cooking, cleaning or any other use where the germs from that water may end up being consumed. We all know about the wilderness water but did you know your pool, hot tub and fountains can also become contaminated with giardia?

According to the CDC  they can and the giardia can even live in a pool with chlorine for almost an hour.  The giardia comes from the feces on an infected person or animal and can be found in water and the soil. To prevent contamination you must boil any water that will be taken in either by cooking, drinking or bathing.

You should also make sure to never swallow or allow children to swallow water when swimming. If you or your child has diarrhea, stay out of the pool. Shower with soap before and after swimming. For more ways to prevent and a list of symptoms Wilderness College has a very informative article.


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