Raising LivestockTiny Little Homesteading Serama Bantam Chickens

Tiny Little Homesteading Serama Bantam Chickens

Tiny little homesteading Serama Bantam chickens are the tiniest breed of chickens that came from a place called Kelantan in Malaysia. These birds are a result of a cross between Japanese and Malaysian bantam chickens. These chickens have been developed over time and the person responsible to develop their modern breed is Mr. Wee Yea Ean. The complete growth of this modern breed took a time span of 15 years.


One thing is undeniable, they are adorable. They are normally bred as pets or for ornamental purposes and weigh around 450-500 grams. These birds are known for their playful nature. Seramas are very social with human beings and are easily controlled, both because of their size and nature. They are usually calm and do not make noise. In addition, these chickens are intelligent compared to other breeds. They also have a very confident nature and are treated as perfect pets.


Serama Bantam yields at a normal rate. It takes 19 days for a serama to hatch eggs, while a hen takes 21 days normally. The egg color is usually light brown, but white colored eggs have also been seen. The size of their eggs is very tiny; five ordinary serama eggs make one large Grade AA egg. They are not irritable toward cold temperature.


Serama Bantam chickens do not have any particular color. Usually their broad chest pushed forward is identified as their unique feature. They also have a long upright tail. Their heads are thrust backward and the wings are big and supported downwards. The wings go low enough to almost touch the ground, but you can still see some part of their feet.

Because these chickens are very tiny, they might need additional care for their development and growth. They can be kept in a cage, and you can also keep them in your garden or just have these little fellows find a place on your shoulder.

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Tiny Little Homesteading Serama Bantam Chickens
Tiny Little Homesteading Serama Bantam Chickens

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