Raising LivestockCharcoal as a Chicken Feed Supplement for Chickens

Charcoal as a Chicken Feed Supplement for Chickens

The method of using charcoal as a chicken feed supplement for chickens is a way to absorb toxins in their environment and promote good health.

Homesteaders have adopted the use of charcoal to help keep chickens, of all things, healthy. It seems weird to those of us that don’t own chickens yet know what charcoal is used for in other parts of our society. With the uses of charcoal and its detoxifying properties, it’s not really a surprise why this material would be used for chickens in the attempt to keep them healthy from possible toxins that can lurk wherever their food and water are located. Having some charcoal on hand can prove highly beneficial to have on hand for this purpose.

What makes it even better is how easily accessible it is to purchase or even make yourself if you like that route better.

 Charcoal as a Chicken Feed Supplement for Chickens

If you have some old wood just waiting to be burned, you can find yourself with plenty of charcoal on hand for your chickens or other livestock you may want to protect from potentially deadly organisms that could hiding in their food or water supplies.

When one thinks about charcoal, one considers it uses for a number of things like barbecue pits and other methods of cooking food. Some might recall its use within hospitals as a way to remove unwanted or harmful poisons from one’s system. Others still might imagine the way it’s created through fire and all its remnants after a wildfire ravages an area. However we see charcoal, it has been used for a variety of reasons and continues to do so.

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