CraftsToothbrush Holder Repurposed from Plastic Soda Bottle

Toothbrush Holder Repurposed from Plastic Soda Bottle

This toothbrush holder repurposed from plastic soda bottle is a fantastic yet simple to make bathroom functional tool. Free is a great price, it just takes alittle out of the box kind of thinking.

Toothbrush Holder Repurposed from Plastic Soda Bottle

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4 clear plastic 2 liter soda pop bottles

clear sealant

razor knife

household clothing iron



1. Using a knife, remove the upper part of a 2 litter soda pop bottle (5 inches from the top), using a hot pressing iron gently place the mouth of the cut plastic bottle on the hot surface for less than 5 seconds to create a smooth edge.

2. Cut 4 inches from the bottom of the same 2 liter plastic soda bottle – repeating the hot clothing iron process.

3. From 3 other plastic two liter bottles – cut the screw caps one inch down the neck.

4. Cut 3 holes around the original 5 inch (step 1) plastic soda pop piece.

5. Using a small amount of clear sealant, smear around the plastic screw neck caps from step 3 into the holes from step 4.

6. The top portion from (step one) and the bottom piece from (step two) will easily fit together but can be taken apart simply for cleaning.


Toothbrush Holder Repurposed from Plastic Soda Bottle
Via: Salve Planeta


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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