RecipesUltimate Hot Dog Recipe Guide From Around the World

Ultimate Hot Dog Recipe Guide From Around the World

This ultimate Hot Dog recipe guide from around the world shares how each country likes to eat their hot dogs.

It’s a sunny day, and there’s a grill in the back porch or patio. Little people are running around, adults are having some beers and chatting, everyone’s just passing time. What’s there to cook for a snack, though? Something quick and easy, something everyone can carry around. Hot dogs. Like the one in the picture. This one is is a toasted bun with caramelized onions then a hotdog cut in half and browned and then a fried egg is on top, along with a little grated cheese and you have a delicious breakfast hot dog.

Ultimate Hot Dog Recipe Guide From Around the World

Continue on to Food Republic to see 40 other ways to have a hot dog.There’s no denying that there’s something America loves about hot dogs. Maybe it’s the way that you can dress it however you’d like, maybe it’s the way that you can eat it without the bun, maybe it’s the way that you don’t even need both hands to eat it. But one thing for sure is that people love them.

Created from the idea of the sausage, the hot dog spread all around the world before becoming popular in America. In fact, the first real hot dog is dated back to 1484 in Europe. The first to sell these in America were German immigrants in the 1860’s. However, the man responsible for making hot dogs really popular is known as Nathan Hardwerker, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. He lived entirely on hot dogs until he’d saved $300, enough to start a hot dog stand. As a business man, he charged half the price of his competitor, causing his former boss to go out of business.

By the Great Depression, Nathan’s hot dogs were known throughout the US, and were even served to royalty. When first lady Eleanor Roosevelt decided she’d put hot dogs on the menu for a picnic with King George VI and the queen, people were worried for the dignity of their country because the Roosevelt decided to invite royalty to a hot dog picnic. However, it was well received, and the king even asked for seconds.
After all these years, people have developed many different ways to make hot dogs. Some pan-fry, some boil, some grill, you might have another style you like your hot dogs. Some people eat them with the buns, some people eat them without, some people eat them with toasted buns. There are so many ways to make hot dogs, but you can only eat so many.

Of course, while you can eat a hot dog on its own, many people like to add condiments. There are a lot of people who like just mustard, or just ketchup, but there’s so much more you can do with hot dogs. You can add relish or sour kraut, which adds a layer of complexity to the hot dog. If you put everything on your hot dog, it might spill out of the bun, but it might also be very delicious.


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