RecipesVegetarian Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups With Red Bell Pepper Alfredo

Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups With Red Bell Pepper Alfredo

Here is a fantastic recipe for vegetarians or anyone who would like to have a meatless dinner. At my house we don’t eat meat every day, we have eggs sometimes for dinner either in an omelet or with pancakes as a topsy turvy day. We also eat beans and lentils so we might have beans with corn bread one night  an  a lentil soup another night. we also have nights where I make a huge bowl of salad like the one they have at Olive Garden with the tomatoes and black olives and I boil eggs and halve them to add to the salad. The eggs give it the protein and makes it a meal.


Now I will be adding these spinach lasagna roll ups to the menu because it is delicious. We have had other roll up recipes but this one is vegetarian and the roasted red bell pepper alfredo sauce is totally delicious. Poman Meals shares this recipe so we can all make these delicious roll ups. We have a few more lasagna roll up recipes for folks that may be interested in making a variety or making different ones. There are recipes for these as well.

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So whatever lasagna you are in the mood for, one of these roll up recipes should satisfy.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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