RecipesWatermelon Picnic Basket Carving Tutorial

Watermelon Picnic Basket Carving Tutorial

Watermelon Picnic Basket Carving Tutorial is a unique recipe that features the use of several different melons as a centerpiece. This recipe is a delicious take for the easy to serve snack inside the carved watermelon bowl.

Watermelon Picnic Basket Carving Tutorial

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These days parents often struggle when it comes to getting their kids to eat healthy food when it comes to snack time. However, there is one summertime favorite that most kids cannot resist; watermelon. You cannot have a picnic without breaking out the watermelon to top off the meal. Here is an interesting idea that just might do the trick and get your children to eat a healthy snack.

This interactive foodie craving project/recipe was shared by a homesteader that adds a flash and flair – all while featuring a variety of healthy fresh fruit at snack time.


mini watermelon
1 bottle of sparkling white grape juice
sea salt

Benefits of reading and following the Watermelon Picnic Basket Carving Tutorial

● Unique treat that can actually be made at anytime of the year

● The project includes a carving pictorial to demonstrate how to prepare the basket

● It also includes a recipe with a list of all the necessary ingredients to make it

● It also has a detailed, easy to follow step by step instruction guide

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