CraftsWire Wrapped Beaded Hair Pins Craft Project

Wire Wrapped Beaded Hair Pins Craft Project

This Wire Wrapped Beaded Hair Pins Craft Project is an amazingly quick and simple way to create beautiful hairpins with a decortive touch. Beads, buttons, fake pearls and a peice of ribbion may work.

Wire Wrapped Beaded Hair Pins Craft Project

Dive into your craft supplies to find a few show stopping beautiful beads to creative a fabalous hair jewerly. A good example of such idea is the wire wrapped beaded hairpin, which is apt for embellishing a bun. You can choose to use them occasionally or as an everyday item to wear.

These hair pins are easy to make and take only a few minutes. The materials for these wrapped beaded hairpins are; bobby pins, bendable jewelry wire, loose beads, jewelry pliers.


String a 4-inch bendable wire through the bead. Wrap the wire around the bead, stringing on the bobby pin with one end of the wire.

Using your pliers, turn the wire around the bobby pin top, but remember to leave a small portion at the end.

Cut the end of the longer wire.

The small length left off the other hand should be wrapped around the cut longer wire, hiding the cut off end.

And there you are, you have your very own wrapped beaded hairpins. You can vary the beads so as to have different designs and unique look.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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