HomesteadingHow To Wrap Meat With Butcher Paper

How To Wrap Meat With Butcher Paper

This simple step by step tutorial of how to wrap meat with butcher paper is another self sufficiency homesteading skill that can save a family money when butchering wild game or farm animals. The coated side of the paper should go against the meat to optimize keeping moisture and air from reaching inside the package once wrapped. Be sure to date the wrapped meat package to aid in proper usage rotation.

How To Wrap Meat With Butcher Paper


When ever you will be putting meat into your freezer for a long period this should be done. Buying meat when it is on sale is they best way to save money on this large part of our grocery bill. Freezing it in the plastic it comes in will only keep it good for a month or two. If you remove the store packaging and wrap the meat in butcher paper you can keep it up to a year. The butcher paper has a shiny side that goes against the meat and keeps the juices in. The outside will fold down and be sealed with tape to keep air out. This is so much better than plastic which does allow air in and your meat to get freezer burn. This demonstration of the steps to properly wrap meat in butcher paper is from, Tip Nut.

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