Sep 03

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Womens Pillowcase Dress or Nightgown Tutorial

This step by step womens pillowcase dress or nightgown tutorial is an amazingly easy way to sew a simple slip of a dress or nightgown. Once you understand the concept, you will see it takes very little sewing knowledge to make this dress. It could even be stitched by hand with a needle and thread.

What a wonderful breezy dress to wear in the Summer and layered with a cute cardigan and stretch pants is a Fall must have as well.

My mind is spinning at all the beautiful fabric designs I find when buying sheet sets that could be put to use with this project.

Add two long thin strips at waist level to tie in a bow for that perfect accented figure when wearing this dress.

Womens Pillowcase Dress or Nightgown Tutorial

Melly Sews

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