Homesteading12 Dollar DIY Closed For Cleanliness Chicken Waterer

12 Dollar DIY Closed For Cleanliness Chicken Waterer

Here is an awesome tutorial to help you turn a five gallon bucket into a 12 dollar chicken waterer that is sealed and keeps the water clean. No more changing the water because they used it like a bathroom.

12 Dollar DIY Closed For Cleanliness Chicken Waterer

This is a neat little diy project that you can do to add an extra watering hole for the girls or just keep the water off the ground and closed to keep it clean. You can add an access port to the lid of the bucket for refilling the water and as many water nipples as needed. The tutorial says 1 per three birds. Community Chickens shares the instructions for making the inexpensive chicken waterer. I like that this hangs up because you can hang it like they did under a tree and the water will stay much cooler for the chickens. You could also hang it in the coop, just remember to refill it every day so they don’t run out of fresh water. If you have a lot of chickens you could build more that one and provide multiple watering holes for them.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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