20 Different Vegetables That You Can Cut and Come Again


One of the most rewarding activities you can ever try is vegetable gardening. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have space for this. If you love browsing online, chances are you have seen photos of vegetables that you can grow indoors from kitchen scraps where you use only the top part and plant the base to have more of the similar veggie.

These vegetables are what you call cut and come again vegetables.  According to Carol of The Gardening Cook, cut and come again vegetables let you enjoy crops every season.
Nothing is more exciting than eating vegetables you grow yourself. You can stir fry, roast, or even steam them on your stove top. Homegrown vegetables definitely taste much better compared to store-brought ones.

Are you looking for something you can do during winter season when the outside weather is too cold? Cut and come again vegetables are your perfect choice that will sprout again when you cut their top part. These veggies need very little space and they continue to regenerate themselves.
What makes these veggies beautiful is that you can use them during winter months and children love seeing vegetables grow from original pieces.

Some of these need soil while others can grow on sponges. They all regenerate once you use their tops every time, giving you more vegetables for the next several weeks.  Home Gardenist lists some of the 20 cut and come veggies that you can try to plant in your garden so that you can enjoy fresh vegetables at home no matter what season of the year it might be.