Paska – A Sweet Easter Cheese From Latvia


Paska means Easter and is used for cheese and bread that is made for Easter in the various part of Europe. I have seen a lot of recipes for making cheeses but I have never seen one like this sweet Easter cheese recipe from Latvia called Paska. It is so different from any others that I want to try it just to see if I like it. It starts with farmer cheese and then has butter and boiled and raw egg added. It also has sugar ,vanilla and dried fruit it in. Once all is mixed together the cheese is pressed and then sliced for serving. I have never had a sweet cheese but I think this one would make a good addition to a cheese platter to really round out a variety.  So if you would like to add a totally different cheese to your cheese platter this Easter this is one to try.  In this recipe the maker uses a sterilized flower pot to press the cheese in but some of the different countries use a mold that has the symbols for Christ has risen and a cross on it.


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Red Russian Pascha Easter Xb Plastic Cheese Mold


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