Essential Oils3 Simple Scented Projects for Great Smelling Clothes

3 Simple Scented Projects for Great Smelling Clothes

These 3 Simple Scented Projects for Great Smelling Clothes are frugal, quick and so worth the effort with amazing results. Keeping your clothes scented with your favorite aromatherapy fragrance can alternatively evoke memories, enhance alertness or increase calmness and even make you happier.

3 Simple Scented Projects for Great Smelling Clothes

One of the most satisfying moments is when you pull a sweater or a clothing item out of a dresser drawer and it still has that laundry fresh smell clinging to it as if it had just been laundered.
However, sometimes your clothes may smell musty even after being washed with a good-quality detergent. Body odor can get stuck in fabric and it takes more than a single wash to smell good.

Here are a 3 methods of ensuring clean and fresh smelling clothes all year round.

*~ * Simple Dresser Drawer Liners

You will need:

• Dryer fabric softener sheets

• Clear office tape

• Scissor

~ * Method:

Cut the dryer fabric softener sheets into strips that will fit the back, front and sides of your drawers. Remember to cut the strips a little smaller than the depth of the drawer to ensure that the pieces of thesheetwill fit. Use the clear tape to stick the softener sheets inside the draw.

*~ * Functional Sachets

You will need:

• Baking soda – amount depends on how big or how many drawers you need to fill.

• Essential oil – fragrance can be your favorite

• Envelope – number depends on how many drawers you have.


Place the baking soda in a glass bowl. Add three drops of the essential oil to the baking soda. For a stronger fragrance, you can use more oil. Make sure you add it one drop at a time. Insert the fragrant baking soda into an envelope, seal it and place it in the draw.

*~ * Potpourri Bag

You will need:

• Muslin cloth

• Potpourri mix

• Elastic bands


Cut the muslin cloth into squares. You can size it to your own preference. Stitch the sides and leave the top open. Fragrance your potpourri with your favorite essential oil and insert the mix into the muslin square. Use elastic to seal the bag. You can reuse the bag after every season.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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