Essential OilsCoconut Oil Homemade Shampoo Bar Recipe for Dry Hair

Coconut Oil Homemade Shampoo Bar Recipe for Dry Hair

This Coconut Oil Homemade Shampoo Bar Recipe for Dry Hair is simple to make, inexpensive for a whole batch and so refreshing and soothing for your hair. This homemade shampoo bar soap cleans your hair all while making it super soft to the touch. Coconut oil does not make your hair greasy.

Coconut Oil Homemade Shampoo Bar Recipe for Dry Hair - The Homestead Survival

Want to make your own stuff for the bath to get your body clean? Homemade soaps and shampoos are easy to make because they come in many different methods to make and be customize to your favorite scents or healing properties.

Some will find the aroma for this recipe soothing and better than any store-bought shampoo.

Get the following INGREDIENTS for this homemade shampoo bar of soap:

20 ounces of regular olive oil

3 ounces of sweet almond oil

2 ounces beeswax

301 ounces  coconut oil

4 ounces of lye

9 ounces of filtered water

2 Chamomile teabags

15 drops Bergamot essential oil

20 drops Lavender essential oil

10 drops Geranium essential oil

10 drops Rosemary essential oil


The first step is to place the teabags in a bowl while boiling filtered water. When water is at a boil, the water can be poured into the heat-safe bowl, letting the tea bags infuse its natural color.

2nd Then, let tea infused water cool down and remove the teabags.

3rd Mix in the coconut oil, sweet almond, and olive oil, and melted beeswax in a pan.

4th Mix the essential oils and lye together when at 130-degrees.

5th With a plastic mold in either square, rectangle, or oval shape, pour the mix in them and use a butter knife to smooth the surface.

6th Let it cool and harden before removing the mold and show a fully made soap bar.

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