Natural Beauty Recipes5 Tips For Relieving Dry Skin

5 Tips For Relieving Dry Skin

5 tips for relieving dry skin. This time of year I know a lot of us are suffering from dry skin. The cold dry weather seems to just suck all the moisture right out of us. I have found a few things that help so I am going to share with you what helps me to keep my skin from drying out and helps to moisturize it if it does dry.


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First thing in winter is to stop washing all over with strong soaps. When you shower use your soap only on your arm pits and genital area. The rest of you isn’t going to be doing much sweating in the winter time so you can use baby wash or Aveeno body wash on the other parts  of your body and avoid drying your skin out on a daily basis. If you keep dry skin all winter you may need to either have a humidifier installed on your furnace or buy a room size unit and run it at night in your bedroom.

The heat we need in the winter can be very drying to our hair and skin, adding moisture to the air can prevent it being removed from our skin. Eat plenty of fruits and nuts. The fruit adds moisture to your intake and the nuts have oil which will also help your skin. For moisturizing the outside of your skin use coconut oil. You can even add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to a cup of melted coconut oil for a nice scented moisturizer.

To moisturize from the inside out use flax-seed oil. It has essential fatty acids and will not only moisturize but it also help to reduce inflammation which makes not only your skin but your entire body healthier. Add a tablespoon of organic flax-seed oil to your morning smoothie or to a serving of yogurt. You can also buy the flax seeds and grind them to use the powder and bake with it or add it to your smoothie and yogurt.

The seeds will be less expensive and you only need to buy the grinder once. Pass on flax-seed capsules. If the oil is treated the benefits are lost. I have found that taking the flax-seed oil has helped me with my dry eyes and inflammation in my legs too. They still swell some around the ankles but the redness and heat are no longer there. So there you have my favorite ways of repairing and preventing dry skin. This inside and outside method works well for me and I am sure it will work for you as well.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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