DIY ProjectsAttic Pulley Storage Box Lift DIY Project

Attic Pulley Storage Box Lift DIY Project

This homemade attic pulley storage box assistance diy project is just what people with limited strength, back problems and balance issues need to be independent in their own home.

Attic Pulley Storage Box Lift DIY Project

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Have you had to move heavy loads into your attic just to decongest your apartment? This is exactly where this pulley system becomes helpful. You must have realized how difficult and strenuous lifting heavy loads can be. Apart from that, there is also safety concern involved. You can trip and fall with a heavy load, damaging the item and getting injured as well.

This is why this innovation should be appreciated and embraced. This pulley makes it very easy to lift heavy loads into your attic very easily. In fact, the writer decided to create it when she and her boyfriend needed to move some heavy items into their attic and they didn’t like the idea of towing items up a steep ladder.

The pulley removes about 75 percent of the work load. By now, you would have gotten the idea how useful the pulley can be. The items needed for this project have been listed below.

You need a 3D printer for the wheels of the pulley, average set size skateboard bearing, 5/16 inch washers, 5/16-24 nut, 5/16-24 X 1-1/2 bolt and more than 2 pulleys. The number is totally up to you. However, you need to understand that the more the pulleys, the easier it is to carry heavy loads. You also need a paracord or a very strong rope. About 50 feet should be okay.

You also need the following tools. A nail gun, saw, socket, a drill with bits, speed square and a tape measure. Of course, you need some wood. Please go through the article carefully for full details and share it right after.

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