DIY ProjectsBackyard Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Project

Backyard Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a backyard Ebb and Flow Hydroponics do it yourself project is another step towards self sufficiency.

Ebb and Flow (also known as Ebb and Flood or Flood Drain) is a form of hydroponics, the system is used for filling pots with an inert medium which does not function like soil nor does it contribute nutrition to the plants, but the system anchors the roots and functions as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients for the plants. The hydroponic solution alternately floods the system and is then allowed to ebb away.

The Ebb and Flow systems are very popular among home hydroponic growers. One of many reasons why people should build an Ebb and Flow system is because of how easy they are for building and setting up, anyone could make one themselves. You do not need to spend money on expensive equipment, you could use just about any material you have laying around. They are able to fit in any available space you have (indoors and outdoors) and there are a lot of ways to design them using your own imagination.

When the water flooding the system reaches the overflow tube height, it drains back down to the reservoir where it recirculates back through the system again. The overflow tube sets the water level height in the Ebb and Flow system, as well as makes sure the nutrient solution doesn’t spill out the top of the system while the pump is on. When the pump shuts down, the water siphons back down into the reservoir through the draining system.

Backyard Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Project

Summed up, some out of many advantages Ebb and Flow provides are:

* Plants can be transferred directly to Ebb and Flow systems after germinating.

* Ebb and Flow develops a very strong decent roots with chilli peppers that make it perfect for transferring the plants when needed. Ebb and Flow achieves this much better than other hydroponic systems.

* You can grow all of your plants in one system and easily re-arrange or transfer them to other hydroponic systems or even soil. No hydroponic pots of any kind are needed.

* Ebb and Flow’s simplicity makes it very reliable so plants can be left alone for even weeks, taking into consideration that the nutrient reservoir is big enough to supply the plants for that long.

* Easy to integrate onto a balcony, a table or a growing corner. It is an incredibly versatile system that can be built, used for your own personal preference.

* Very easy to maintain, if you build your ebb properly, changing nutrient solution around every two weeks will be very easy and quick.

* Very safe which makes it ideal for indoor growing. Properly planned Ebb and Flow system won’t leak the nutrients to the floor of your apartment as the growing container rests directly on top of the nutrient container. All inlets and holes are in a place where dripping doesn’t matter.

* Ebb and Flow is also ideal for indoor growing as it is very silent even while the pump engine is active.


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