Vehicle MaintenanceBad Weather Emergency Car Survival Kit Project

Bad Weather Emergency Car Survival Kit Project

Bad Weather Emergency Car Survival Kit Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial of how to gather proper supplies and why each item is important.

In the event that something should drastic happen while driving and the car dies out on an isolated road, it is essential to have some backup since it may take awhile to get back out and up. This survival kit is just for a sudden, drastic emergency that is unlikely, but circumstances can alter things around. First, get the goods that will make up the entire kit: jumper cables, a multi-tool device, a map, first-aid kit, small flashlight, a rag, duct tape, a folded raincoat, emergency blanket, a folded shovel, fuses, water bottles, protein bars, reflective triangles, a fully charged backup cellphone, a fire starting system (lighter, flint, waterproof matches), compass/GPS, and a 550 cord.

1.) Jumper cables

2.) Multi-Tool (one of those pliers that have tons of tools in the handle)

3.) Map (local area or area you will be traveling)

4.) First-aid kit (Go beyond the basic kind)

5.) Flashlight (plus glowsticks)

6.) Rags

7.) Duct tape (because you can fix a lot of things with Duct tape) better yet …. Gorilla Tape.

8.) Rain coat (the folded $1 type)

9.) Emergency blanket (the folded $1 type) This is a life saving item (VERY IMPORTANT) that fits in a small space.

10.) Folding shovel (entrenching tool)

11.) Fuses for fuse box

12.) Water bottles (Very important to keep enough for each person – 1 gallon per person)

13.) Protein bars, Kind Bars or M.R.E. (meal-ready-to-eat)

14.) Reflective tape or reflective triangles (flares are hard to find)

15.) Old Cell phone, fully charged. Call customer service via the phone to make sure it works. Do not make test calls to 911 (Service is not needed to make 911 calls). Most modern cell phones and cell networks can triangulate your position, this is very handy in an emergency.

16.) Lighter or water proof matches, or flint rod.

17.) Compass

18.) 550 cord (named after its tensile strength) or para cord. Google the number of uses for this stuff, you’ll be amazed.

Organize the kit and get things together. Larger items should be stuck on the bottom of the kit, such as the jumper cables. To the top, the used backup phone should be located, as they will be grabbed first if the main phone dies out. A phone, even those not connected, can still reach at 911. Get a pre-paid phone that is fairly cheap. Start putting things in the bag and place things in carefully so it all can fit in the large bag. An alternative to reflective triangles is getting reflecting tape, which has the same effect as the triangles. Also, add or remove something from the kit based on location, whether it is living in the desert of New Mexico or the cold plains of North Dakota. It could come in handy for an unexpected roadblock.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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