Vehicle MaintenanceHow to Winterize a Family Car

How to Winterize a Family Car

Here are some practical tips for how to winterize a family car. Preparing your car for extremely cold temperatures is important to prolong the life of your car.

How to Winterize a Family Car

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First, test your car battery to be sure it has enough life left in it to last the winter months. Clean your battery terminals as corrosion buildup can make starting the car difficult, and don’t forget to always start with the negative cable first.

Protect the battery terminals with a protection spray to reduce the risk of future corrosion. Lubricate your window tracks as ice can get into them making the windows drag as you attempt to open and close them. Be sure to apply enough so that it drips all the way down into the entire window track. Do this with the window rolled completely down and then roll it up and down several times to spread the lubricant spray evenly.

You should also lubricate your weather stripping because if water seeps in and freezes you will be locked out of your car! And don’t forget the door locks, latches, and hinges.

Check your tire tread depth; ice is slippery, so you want to be sure you will have enough traction to get around safely. You might even consider purchasing winter tires.

Be sure your coolant levels are normal to protect your engine from freezing and cracking. Lastly, consider building a winter emergency kit that includes things like a flashlight, gloves, a hat, and a jack just in case you get stranded out in the cold.

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