RecipesBaked Blooming Caramel Apple Recipe

Baked Blooming Caramel Apple Recipe

This baked blooming caramel apple recipe is a perfect after dinner treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth. As far as desserts for the fall, you won’t find a better ingredient than apples. Fresh from harvesting, you can find them at your local supermarket or farmer’s market. You can do almost anything to them and they’ll come out delicious and have you begging for more.

Finding recipes for these fruits isn’t hard, it’s deciding which one to try. One that everyone should try at least once is these delectable blooming apples with cinnamon and caramel. We guarantee you’ll love them so much, you won’t want to stop with just the first one you try. You’ll be making them over and over again, loving them more and more each time. Why not give these blooming apples a chance the next time you find yourself purchasing some apples at the store?

Baked Blooming Caramel Apple Recipe

Oh, wait, you can forget the state fair favorite of candied apples. This recipe is so delicious and hey, you only live once, right? Aside from the calories of this famous dessert, apples are one of the best fruits we can eat for high amounts of fiber and natural sugar. Apples can make us feel full without really having to try. Try all kinds of varieties from granny smiths to golden delicious in this recipe.

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