Baked Wonton Cups With Lemon Lime Curd Filling


Aren’t these baked wonton cups with lemon lime curd filling the prettiest dessert? I love how pretty and different they are. For any celebration or special meal these would make a great dessert. Perfect for spring like Easter ( They remind me of Daffodils).  Little Miss Celebration shares the recipe for them. I think these sugared then backed wontons would be so great for many kinds of fillings. White chocolate pudding with dark chocolate curls or any kind of pie filling. Leave off the sugar and you could fill the baked cups with all sorts of savory items like chicken or tuna, ham or egg salad for finger foods. You could fill with pastry cream and chopped fresh fruit, too many ways to fill these, I just love the baked wonton idea.


Click here for recipe>>>>

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HIC Essentials Silicone 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan


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