DessertsThe Best Sugar Cookies Recipe

The Best Sugar Cookies Recipe

When you receive a cookie tray at Christmas don’t you just love the cut out sugar cookies? Frosted or not they are a simple cookie that always delivers on flavor.  Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? Everyone does and especially the kids. Christmas is a time of indulging in delicious meals and desserts. It’s the time of the year to share meals and fun together and also, cook together. Cooking with your children is quite an interesting and creative experience. Sugar cookies are the easiest and the yummiest cookies to bake plus there are so many options of shapes and decorations. The important thing about sugar cookies is to get the texture right. With Christmas being so near why don’t you practice a little bit with your little ones so that they could get it just right on Christmas? They could also brag and boast about the cute shapes and icing that they did all by themselves!

The Best Sugar Cookies Recipe

It really boosts up the confidence of the children when they do things and know that they have helped mommy in the kitchen. Nothing is more fun than experimenting in the kitchen together. Making a mess too of course but it is always great to cook and bake with children. If you have been having trouble in getting just that right texture and look of sugar cookies, you have to see this recipe of the perfect sugar cookies by Debbie from One Little Project!
Then you can add some of the best sugar cookies to your cookie trays this year.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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