DairyMake Your Own Boursin Cheese

Make Your Own Boursin Cheese

Find out how to make creamy delicious boursin cheese at home. “(Boursin is a creamy, spreadable brand of Gournay cheese invented by Francois Boursin in 1957. Boursin is a fresh cream and soft cheese, flavored with herbs and spices. Although, it is just an herb-flavored French cream cheese that can be easily imitated, only Boursin with its buttery flavor and slightly crumbly texture can be labeled as an “All natural Gournay cheese”.) “per:cheese.com/boursin/) The Cookie Rookie shares her recipe to make this cheese at home. It has lots of flavorful herbs like marjoram,garlic and thyme and she says you can do all sorts of things with it. You can use it as dip or spread or as an ingredient in another dish like gratin potatoes. Although I had never heard of it before I am definitely going to be making some because boursin cheese sounds fantastic.



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