ChickensBrilliant Homesteading Chicken Coop That Works

Brilliant Homesteading Chicken Coop That Works

brilliant homesteading chicken coop that works

Brilliant Homesteading Chicken Coop That Works

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When it comes to raising birds, chicken coops have proven to be very essential options as they help to

– Provide shelter from sun, snow, rain, and wind

– Supply adequate sunlight

– Enhance proper ventilation

– Protect against predators

Here are five efficient brilliant chicken coops you might want to consider.

Chicken Tractor

Put your chickens to work with this small, movable chicken house. The tractor can be sized to fit over a certain garden bed or sized to house a certain number of chickens. It presents a great way to fertilize a garden bed or a yard.

Pastured Poultry Pen

Compared to a static coop, these pens provide birds with less square footage because they offer frequent moves – at least once a day. Pastured poultry pens can be used to raise mama hens with chicks, pullets, and even broilers.

Mobile Chicken Coops

As their name implies, mobile chicken coops are movable coops that provide chickens with fresh food whenever they are moved. They provide the chickens with shelter, warmth, and a significant amount of food.


For cold climates, greenhouses are a perfect chicken coop option. Anyone can easily create this winter season option by boarding up the sides of the coop to hold in deep bedding and protecting the plastic with a four-foot fence. It helps to keep chickens warm during winter.

Coop and Run

You might consider rotating a mobile chicken fencing around the housing since, neither the coop nor the run is mobile in this situation. This is a very good option if you are looking to also harvest compost.

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