ChickensChicken Coop Plans You Can Use at Home

Chicken Coop Plans You Can Use at Home

Chicken Coop

You’re probably looking for chicken coop ideas, but what if I told you that there are tons of coop plans that will help enhance your chickens’ growth. And yes, there are many benefits to reap from a good coop.

The best of all is that constructing a chicken coop is dead simple as long as you have all the necessities at hand. Also, rest assured of better value for money compared to when you purchase a new one.

In this post, I will take you through some of the chicken pen plans you can use at home, but before that, let’s look at the million-dollar questions on this topic.


1. What’s the cost of building a chicken coop?

Depending on your preference, the cost of building your coop will vary significantly. Of course, building one from scratch can be cheaper than a pre-made one. A pre-made coop could cost up to $5000.

2. Which is better – building or buying a ready-made coop? 

Building a chicken pen from scratch offers better value for money. In other words, you could end up spending more if you choose to buy one. This is because pre-made coops consistently come without the nest boxes, which means that you will incur additional costs.

3. How many nesting boxes do I need for six chickens?

Many coop companies have different suggestions on this. However, most of them recommend a maximum of six hens in a nest. So, depending on the total population of your chicken, the number of nesting boxes will also vary.

Chicken Coop Plans

1. Urban Coop Plan 

This type of coop saves on space, which makes it perfect for your backyard. It is a six by three coop with a front opening to ensure that your chickens are active throughout.

You can check them online to get some rough ideas of how to design one for your poultry.

2. Palace Coop 

Just as the name suggests – this coop plan exhibits a stylish design that makes it a standout. Although it’s small in size, there are still tons of benefits to enjoy from this design, including saving on space.

Also, being a multipurpose type, it can serve several functions. Again, it would be best if you search online for such designs to help you get started.

3. DIY Coop Plan 

Creativity is the key here – no restricted limits. You have the flexibility to maximize the available resources and customize a coop plan to your needs.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the construction space because it can perfectly fit even in the smallest backyards.

4. Awesome Coop Plan 

The excellent coop plan copies the classic red barn design. The large nesting boxes (32 square feet) make it suitable for multiple chickens – it can hold up to 12 chickens.

If you plan to consider this chicken pen design, check out for building instructions and corresponding colors.

5. Shed Chicken Coop Plan 

This coop plan exhibits the design of a typical shed. It includes two doors, a window, and a nesting box. One of the doors is human-sized while the other one is chicken-sized.

So, if you’re planning to consider this plan, make sure that you’re familiar with the similar designs for easy setup.



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