ChickensTake Great Care of Homesteading Chickens

Take Great Care of Homesteading Chickens

How to Take Great Care of Homesteading Chickens dives into advice given from long time chicken flock owners. Learning from their successful methods as well as their failures…. saves your a lot of heartache.

Take Great Care of Homesteading Chickens

Chickens need proper care for them to survive and live healthy. And that usually includes providing a very conducive and clean home for them. So if you what advice on how to take good and proper care for your chickens, here are some very useful tips on how to take care of your chickens

You need to feed them appropriately and healthy—with a good animal protein feed. And it is always better to have a nutritionist mix the chicken feed. Also, provide all their basic needs before winter. What it means is that, you have to prepare for winter accordingly (it includes buying water heater).

And It is advisable to get them into their coop before it is dark. The coop should always be clean. It should have feeders and waterers too. And the water bowls should always be filled with marbles or pebbles to prevent drowning of chicks.

You should spend time with the chickens (petting is allowed and encouraged), and be very observant of their health status. Isolate the sick ones, and do regular check-ups on them. You should know how to prevent predators from killing them. And you should also know how to clip their wings appropriately. A first aid kit should also be prepared.

Always prevent lice and mites from causing severe health complications, and deworm appropriately (6 months). Hens that are laying egg needs quality layer feeds and feed them sufficiently. And vaccinate them appropriately also.

Supplementing your family’s food with fresh eggs is one way to homestead no matter where you live.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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