ChickensFrugal Chicken Coop Building Plans DIY Project

Frugal Chicken Coop Building Plans DIY Project

This Frugal Chicken Coop Building Plans DIY Project is a detailed step by step tutorial that will take you from start to finish.

Frugal Chicken Coop Building Plans DIY Project

When it comes to building a chicken coop it can be a real project, one that keeps you on your toes. It can be a little stressful but to keep that stress to a minimum start off by making sure you have all the equipment and tools you need to complete the project.

What Equipment you need.

? Four boards at 2x4x12

? Two plywood sheets at 11/32 4×8

? One Board at 2x2x8

? Three cedar siding pieces at 12’

There you have your frame,now its time to talk about the things you will need to put it all together.

? Lattice Trim ¼ “ x 1 ? x8

? Exterior Screws at 2 ½ “

? Exterior Screws at 1 ?”

? Brad Nails at ?”

? Drain Grates at two 4” material plastic.

? Balsa Wood x 2

? Utility inge x1 at 2”

? Utility inge x2 at 2 ½”

? Window bolts x 2

These will help put together and hold the coop. Now on to the tools you need to fit it all together.

? JigSaw

? Circular Saw

? Miter Saw

At some point you will need the following tools so to save yourself some time gather them now if possible.

? Square

? Drill

? Hammer

? Wood Glue

? Tapemeasure

? Pencil

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