ChickensNo Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project

No Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project

This No Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project is a great way to create a no spill frugal feeding sitution for your chicken flock.

No Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project

There are very helpful articles on our website about how to make a chicken feeder. Consider creating a no spill chicken food feeder that could serve your chicken flock better. This design is one that would be exciting to know how it’s made.

This version works with common parts found at your local home supply stores, with the addition of a tight gasket that can be gotten elsewhere. However, when caulk cannot be easily gotten, caulk would suffice.

No Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project

Using an old 5-gallon bucket to store plenty of feed, first is to drill a hole at the side of the bucket close to the bottom, then get some 90 degrees pvc elbows to cut part of one end at an angle to create an awning preventing rain from getting into the feed, then another inch cut from the other end.

The next is to push the pipe into the casket (you could consider using coconut oil to make it easier). Then a 3” pipe end is cut to create a lip, to prevent food waste from messy eaters.

The design limits wastage of feed especially when you have a particularly messy eater, protects the feed from getting dampened by rain, it is easy to clean and the feeder stores a lot of food in case you need to travel for the weekend without disturbing someone to come around to fill the feeders.

Click here to read about how to build a No Waste Chicken Feeder Box DIY Project:


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