Build 5 Gallon Bucket Self Watering Gardening Container


How to build 5 gallon bucket self watering gardening container diy project is detailed in a step by step video.

Build 5 Gallon Bucket Self Watering Gardening Container

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Do you have difficulty in constantly taking care of your tomatoes? There is an easy way to build watering container that can solve this problem and allow you to relax for a few days while your tomatoes are well taken care of. The self-wicking tomato watering container can be built very easily in under 30 minutes and does not require more than $10.

This watering system can take care of your tomatoes for 2-3 without the need for a refill. It can also be used to grow peppers and vine crops. All you need is a cotton towel and a small funnel, 2 five-gallon paint buckets (preferably soft plastic ones that are easy to cut), 2 kitchen sponges, scissors, clippers, sharp knife and a drill. Instead of plain top soil, it is better to use planting mix with large amount of organic matter, peat moss, or any product with moisture control to help the wick and hold water. Set up the wicks hanging out on sides and fill the bucket halfway. Cross over the 3 wicks strips and then put the rest of the soil in it.


2 Five Gallon Paint Buckets from a do-it-yourself store (2.99 each)

2 Standard Kitchen Sponges (.99 a 4 pack)

1 Cotton Towel (recycled from your home)

1 Small Funnel (optional ) ($1 each)



Sharp Knife

Clippers (optional)

Drill with 1/4 inch bit (optional)

When the bucket is almost full, tuck the wicks around the outside. Loosen up the roots of your tomato plant, dig a hole and plant it to a quarter of its depth. Shredded hardwood can be put on the top of soil. Fill the reservoir container (with a hole at the side) with water and drop your bucket in. The watering system is ready.

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