DIY ProjectsBuild a Camping Chuckwagon Cook Station Box DIY Project

Build a Camping Chuckwagon Cook Station Box DIY Project

How to build a camping chuckwagon cook station box DIY project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. The instructions for this project will vary depending on the piece of furniture you start with. I recommend a low, long side table designed for storage.

Build a Camping Chuckwagon Cook Station Box DIY Project

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The most important features are the open-out doors and the shelves, as well as a solid wood top

You will need:

• storage end table, TV stand, or other piece of storage furniture

• 2 caster swivel wheels

• 2 low table legs

• drawer handle

• (optional) hinges

• (optional) wood panels

• drill and screws

• saw


If your storage table has legs, remove two of them on one of the short sides. You’ll replace these with the caster wheels. It may be necessary to file down the remaining two legs to keep the table level. If your table doesn’t have legs, or if they’re especially short, attach two legs to one short side using the drill.

Attach the drawer handle near the top of the table on the side that has the legs – not the caster wheels. This is what you’ll use to pull the cook station.

At this point, you have a fully serviceable chuck wagon, but you can go a few steps beyond.

To create more space, add a fold-out panel to the top using the wood panels and hinges. Make sure you position the panel so that it sticks out a bit to the front so you can use the open door as a support.

And there you have it! Use the wagon to store your cooking supplies and foodstuffs when you go camping for maximum organization and convenience.

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