CompostingHow To Build A Composting Worm Bin

How To Build A Composting Worm Bin

This step by step tutorial of How To Build A Composting Worm Bin is an amazing tool for homesteaders who grow a garden to feed their family.

How does a composting worm bin work to turn vegetable scraps into nutrient full soil that makes a garden grow beautifully?

How To Build A Composting Worm Bin

The three-tiered system works like a magic food to compost machine. The three boxes are identical and interchangeable. You put food scraps and woody material (paper, wood shavings, etc.) into the top layer which worms eat over time, filling the top box. Once the top layer is nearly full, you put the empty bottom layer on top. Then once that layer is nearly full you put the last empty box on top.

By the time that one is full you will have premium, beautiful soil in the bottom layer that can be emptied out and used. The cycle keeps going. The layers are important because the worms will seek refuge, rest, and reproduce toward the bottom … as quoted in the tutorial.

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Melissa Francis
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