Emergency PreparednessHow To Build a Fallout Shelter Info From 1963

How To Build a Fallout Shelter Info From 1963

While most folks don’t think about needing a fallout shelter these days. But with terrorism on the rise world wide and both Iran and North Korea developing nuclear powers one never knows what may be happening in the not too distant future. While nuclear warheads attached to missiles is what usually come to mind when thinking about it there are many lone terrorists that could have smaller, improvised nuclear weapons.

How To Build a Fallout Shelter Info From 1963

In this civil defense adult education course manual from Drexel edu, you can see a lot of info on shelters for fallout radiation. They speak of community shelters but there is also lots of info on home shelters that you can hire someone to build or even build it yourself. They talk about how to build it and mention things like the angles of doorways to reflect any fallout back out instead of into the shelter. I found this an interesting read.

Even though it is from 1963 I feel it is still valid info as the world has not become more peaceful since then and it seems there are more people bent on destroying others everyday. I am adding another link below which is from Ready Gov that also talks about a nuclear blast and what to do before, during and after one.


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For more info from ready gov click here…….https://www.ready.gov/nuclear-blast

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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