ChickensBuild Moveable Chicken Coop Wagon Project

Build Moveable Chicken Coop Wagon Project

How to Build Moveable Chicken Coop Wagon Project has quite a fascinating use, and you can build one all by yourself. All you need is some equipment and you are good to go. ‘So how do I go about it’ you say? Here is how you build it yourself.

Build Moveable Chicken Coop Wagon Project

Chassis; use a device made from treated pine sleeper, preferably. Use a long beam that stretches lengthwise along each edge of the chassis, and also across member. Screw it together like a ladder and trim appropriately. Also, cross member and screw to the long beam using coach screws.

To make it easier, predrilled the side beam and dip the tip of the screw into a little grease and overlap the steel. The drawbar is overlapped after bolting it to the chassis. And bolt the tow-hitch to the drawbar. You can use the springs, axles, hubs, and wheels from an old trailer. It is important to stretch the suspension mounts over a large area.

Weld the U-bracket to a couple of lengths of flats bars and mounts the suspension appropriately. Nail down fence palings for the floor. You can add fiber-board sheet to the floor for smoother surface. And use framing timbers—preferably. Taper the wall for better appearance.

Screw the wall frame to the chassis and use roof beam for better appearance—screwed to the wall frame and install the cladding. Nail wall cladding (treated pine fence) to the framing. The roof is made of corrugated iron and lengths of polycarbonate and size appropriately.

There should be a large opening with paling offs cuts. Add perches and laying boxes too. Attach the perches to the wall framing and set apart. Also angle the laying boxes appropriately and install fold down flaps.

Make an install electric fence from plastic netting with stainless steel strands or solar fence energizers for security reasons

Then add chickens.

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