ChickensHomemade Garden Shed Chicken Coop Homesteading Project

Homemade Garden Shed Chicken Coop Homesteading Project

How to build a Homemade Garden Shed Chicken Coop Homesteading Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. Building a safe secure place to house chickens is worthy project of your time.

Homemade Garden Shed Chicken Coop Homesteading Project

First, build an 8 x 12 floor. Level them on all 4 sides and corners equally with paver blocks and wooden shims. Next, cover the floor with marine grade plywood by screwing it together and coating it with enamel, which protects the wood from moisture. Once it dries, paint it top to bottom. With the boards already cut to length, get a saw to make the notches at the angles for the roof.

Next, gather the walls and rafters to build the roof with the wall base being mounted. Instead of nailing through the brackets into the wood, use 1 1/4″ screws and make sure it’s in the supports correctly.The next steps is to install the horizontal boards along the top of the walls and ridge board and begin to frame them at the end of the main door. Add two foot-long rests about 18-inches off the ground down both sides and installed in the far end that will be the door for the chickens to go in and out.

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To prevent high heat and ammonia, place in two windows to allow light in, but keep out the heavy heat. Cover them on the outside with hardware cloth and hold it down with exterior trim pieces. A shingled or metallic roof is fine either way. Finally, we get to the trim & paint phase in the construction. Once that is covered up, work on ramp to the door and make it more of a coop. Attach a 10 x 10 dog kennel and it’s done.

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