DIY ProjectsBuild Outdoor Grill Kitchen DIY Project

Build Outdoor Grill Kitchen DIY Project

How to Build Outdoor Grill Kitchen DIY Project is a great way to expand your outdoor living space with a functional kitchen.

Build Outdoor Grill Kitchen DIY Project

Step 1. Is referred to as foundation day.
Begin by digging four hole making sure they are 6 feet apart from each other. Your end result should be a 6 foot square. The holes should be sitting at 2 foot in depth by 1 foot diameter.
Once you have the holes sitting at the desired depth then proceed to place 4×4 posts at 10 foot tall into the holes. Attach 2×4 timbers to the 4×4’s approximately 5 feet above ground height. Once they are all connected and level begin mixing the concrete. There is 6 bags so that leaves 1.5 bags a hole.

Step 2. Day 2 was spent building the frame for the floor. Depending on the weather conditions it could take the concrete up to 24 to 48 hours to set. Level the ground out with dirt, this will eventually give an extra 2”. Cut the boards to 6 feet one on each side pressed up against the 4×4 posts.

They moved through to step 3 which was fixing the decking part then through step 4 which was taking you through fitting the top. Followed by step 5. The kitchen itself allowing you to decide on the counter hight. Steps 6 and 7 was about storage area for your outside kitchen. There was a 2 foot space left behind the grill which provided the space required for the grill itself. The best thing about this is the privacy it provides from the public.

This is the perfect tutorial for an outside kitchen.


(5) 4×4 Treated Posts 10′

(20) 2×4 Treated 8′

(20) 2×6 Treated 8′

(20) 6″ Treated Decking 10′

(1) Piece treated Lattice

(6) 50lb bas of concrete mix

(1) 5lb Box 2.5″ Decking Screws

(1) 2.5lb Box 1.25″ Decking Screws

(4) Hinges: Outdoor Strength 3″

(2) Latches: Outdoor Strength

These numbers may vary on the grill or kitchen size.

Additional materials (optional): Propane Grill and Christmas Lights

Tools: (Impact) Drill, Chop Saw, Jig Saw, Hammer, Shovel, Post Hole Digger, Square, Level, Tape Measure, and Pencil.

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