Build Your Own Practice Range


If you like to practice your archery and would like to have a target that is all set up and protected from the rain without having to get it out and set it up each time here is a neat way to build one.  Matt shares his material list and some instructions on how he built it in the forums on the Bow Hunting site. I like the way he used the clear corrugated top so that light can still get to the target but it is shielded from the rain. I know my husband would love to have this but I am only sharing with you all. I guess I am mean but I don’t want this in  the yard because we already have a bear, deer and four or five of those big block type targets and while my grand daughter loves the animals and will go say hello to them every time she is here, I think we have enough.  If you need a shooting stand check out this  Build a Homemade Target Shooting Stand Project. Once you have your practice range built you may need some  Printable Free Shooting Targets to keep on shooting.


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