DIY ProjectsChicken Coop Made From A Trampoline Frame - 5 Pictures

Chicken Coop Made From A Trampoline Frame – 5 Pictures

This chicken coop made from a trampoline frame is an amazing way to using reclaimed materials into a covered chicken coop and run.

Chicken Coop Made From A Trampoline Frame

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The creator of this wonderful project allowed us to share her pictures because she enjoys our website and our goal of inspiring others.

Roxanna is an amazing woman with such a kind heart and no longer features this project on her website.

We are so grateful that we are still allowed to share it with you with her blessing. If you are still using your trampoline check out below on how you can still make it work as a chicken run. This is also suitable for your black chicken.

If you are not ready to repurpose your trampoline but you have chickens, check out this neat idea from Pick Me Yard. They have a chicken tractor/coop that has wheels so it can be moved around. They also have a trampoline. They are still using the tramp so they used chicken wire to enclose the space underneath the trampoline.


When the coop is next to the tramp they have a 5 gallon bucket with lid that they have cut outs in so the chickens can use the bucket as a tunnel to go back and forth between the coop and the chicken run under the trampoline. I love it. They are shaded, can scratch and even dust bathe under there. What an awesome use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

Read more from Pick Me Yard >>>>>

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