Claw Foot Cast Iron Outdoor Hot Soaking Tub Project


Earth Easy website shares a step by step process of creating a claw foot cast iron outdoor hot soaking tub do it yourself project. What a great way to ease sore muscles with a nice long soak while enjoying the beauty of the night sky.

I have been so lucky in my lifetime to enjoy this kind of experience while visiting a friend’s house in the mountains in Oregon.  Although it was a  larger metal cattle trough that easily sat 6 people, it still used  a coal based glowing fire underneath to continuously heat the water.   The metal of the cattle trough tub was very warm but did not burn my skin in any way. It is one of the happiest in nature moments I can remember being surrounded by tall trees, dark shadows of the night,  wildlife sounds and the company of good friends.

There may be some that say that this type project does not meet their standards, my advice: you would be amazed at the adventures you will find on the path less traveled.
Well this type project meets my budget and can’t wait to do this project in my backyard with a privacy screen around it.

Click here to read how to create this project yourself: