Primitive SkillsClean Camping Cooking Gear with Wood Ashes

Clean Camping Cooking Gear with Wood Ashes

This primitive method of how to clean camping cooking gear with wood ashes is needed knowledge when packing lightly when heading out into the wilderness.

Clean Camping Cooking Gear with Wood Ashes

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Millions of years ago, animal and human alike, hunt and farm to survive. All human naturally possess the basic survival instinct. However, the habit depending on others to provide essential needs that came with civilization has made this instinct almost non-existent. Technology has taken away the basic instinct and the innate human skills needed to survive.

Many people would most likely give up to fate if they get stuck in the wilderness. This is because of the absence of civilization and the basic things of life they are used to. However, nature has provided all that is needed to survive. You are surrounded by all you need; you just have to dig deep enough and look closely to discover them.

You can be self-sufficient if you want. All you need are your physical and mental skills. You can make the food you eat, provide your shelter and warmth. You can grow and preserve food, repair tools and even create them. With a little effort, you can make shelters and houses. You can even make and mend your clothes without depending on others.

This habit of self-sufficiency will sharpen your mental ability. You will discover many natural materials and also discover the use of the natural materials you had knowledge of. This ability to make use of natural materials will surely come in handy and be of great help if you are ever stuck in the wilderness, or when you go camping.

This article specifically talks about washing cooking gears with wood ashes.

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Melissa Francis
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