Garden BedsGlobal Bucket Gardening With 80 Percent Less Water

Global Bucket Gardening With 80 Percent Less Water

This container gardening method is an awesome way to garden on apartment balconies or patios and is a good way to grow some produce in a drought because the container is self wicking and uses 80% less water than conventional gardening and all of the water goes to growing the plant in the container so no water is wasted. It is inexpensive to garden this way because you only need two  5 gallon buckets some pvc pipe and some plastic garbage bags. The bottom bucket is the water reservoir and the top bucket is modified to allow a wicking cup and a length of pvc which is where you will add water.

Once the container is put together you add the soil, and a ring of fertilizer around the side of the bucket which will feed the plant through the season. Then you cover the top bucket with plastic from like a garbage bag and tie the plastic down. The plastic will prevent weeds and help to avoid the soil drying out from evaporation.

After tying the plastic down you cut an X in it and fold the plastic point of the x under then plant in the soil in the center of the X. This is a great way to garden where it is hot since you don’t lose water through evaporation and where there is a drought since you will use less water. Once this is set up and planted all you will have to do is add water as needed. No weeding or fertilizing needed. Great way to grow some fresh vegetables in small spaces too.



Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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